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Team Building Dog Tags

Connect your team building group with army dog tags. These unify your group into one lean, successful working machine by building a sense of comradeship. Let's forget calling them army dog tags or even military dog tags. These are really team building army dog tags.  And the cohesive nature of these team building dog tags will give your team something to connect over.

Team Building Tool

Team building army dog tags enable your team building efforts by making them more effective. They aid in sense of team. They can also act as name tags, so everyone will be able to quickly learn their teammates’ names.


These custom army dog tags South Africa provide your team building or event participants with a exclusive souvenir for your event. The participants will look back on the event as they hold the memento in their hand. They'll tell others about their experiences using the team building army dog tags as their lead in. These army dog tags will be a reminder of the event and the companies involved.  The unique nature of these military spec dog tags will be a long-lasting marketing tool for your business. Although the military instituted the military dog tags for another reason, they've been a strong tool for that organization. And they can be for yours, too.

Events Army Dog Tags

Is your event lacking in a distinguishing characteristic that makes it a recognizable event? Award ceremonies and banquets are mainstays. Change it up by awarding military spec army dog tags to the runners-up. Maybe, you need a special groomsman or bridesmaid gift for your wedding that you can customize. Event army dog tags are the perfect way to make your event standout among the rest. 


Events army dog tags add elements of authority to your event. Everyone will want an army dog tag. It will be the reason they return year after year. They'll add the new tag to their chain and be able to verify their attendance at the event. Those with the most of army dog tags will have veteran status. You could even hand these out to vendors at expos, conferences and other business events. The prestige of having the most military spec dog tags will be the reason they attend every year. 


The event's army dog tag is an effective marketing tool for your event. Each participant will keep them and bring them to every event. The tags can be custom made to include participant’s names as well as the event name and year. This will help develop a stronger bond between attendees. This will make marketing easier and longer lasting. When it comes to making a memorable event, there's nothing like events army dog tags to get the job done.


Since each army dog tag can be customized in any way that you want, gamers can choose whether to put their favorite games and the level completed or something else to indicate their gaming status. Buy one for each level completed in your favorite games or get one for each role played in Dungeon and Dragons. Whatever you choose gamer's army dog tags will compliment and show off you video games successes.

Military Dog Tags

The main use for army dog tags is the military. All of the army dog tags produced by us are military spec army dog tags. Thus, these are fantastic for military organizations to purchase as well.  From one to one million, we can handle the production of any number of military spec dog tags.


When used in combat army dog tags need to withstand military explosives as well as constant wear and beating from every day use. Thus, our military dog tags are manufactured with the ability to withstand military use. These army dog tags are durable, function and useful for military operations and organizations. We stand behind the quality of our army dog tags.

Alternative Payment Method

We also Accept Paypal. Please take note that the currency will be converted to USD automatically should you choose to pay via Paypal.
This might be used for both International and South African


 Each military dog tag is customized to the order specifications for each and every dog tag. The words and numbers on the tag are of your choosing. Each inscription is carefully embossed on the surface.

Military spec army dog tags don't have to be just for military use.  Private citizens can have them customized for their own use, too. The quality of our dog tags does not vary between types. Thus, military spec army dog tags will have the same durability and function no matter who wears them. Whether you're a private citizen or military organization, our military army dogs tags possess the durability and strength to withstand whatever is thrown at it.